Belt Loop Hatchet Holster and Hammer Holder

$ 27.00

This Hammer, Hatchet and Axe Belt Loop Holder is Simple, Lightweight and Easy-To-Use

No more wasting time wrestling your hatchet out of those bulky belt loop axe covers. The Hatchet Loop is the best way to carry your Estwing Sportsman Axe or any other small axe or hatchet.

Made with ultra thick vegetable-tanned leather

Strong solid brass riveted construction

Folded loop that easily slides on to your belt

Low profile polished steel ring that hangs flat

NO clips or snaps that can easily pop loose

NO flimsy belt slots that stretch and sag over time

NO thread stitching 

NO bulky metal loops that stick out and get caught up

Quick easy access to one of your most useful campsite tools

D-Ring will Fit Axe handle up to 1.875" wide and 1.5" deep (measure the base of your axe handle, the dimensions up near the axe head can be larger and will still work)